The Aalborg Portland Holding Group aims to differentiate its white cement-based products offering by redefining and developing sustainable solutions which can support its customers' business through personalized services, know-how sharing, consulting and strategic partnerships.

The Group wants to challenge the traditional way of selling white cement, understanding those mega-trends and market needs that can redefine its role and function in the construction sector.

We began a journey into the complex high-performance concrete binder technology by leveraging a cutting-edge team within Aalborg InWhite SolutionsTM, a global innovation engine striving to capture market trends and our customers’ needs by developing new solutions inspired by environmental sustainability.

These trends include the development of new aesthetic coatings made in UHPC (Ultra-High-Performance Concrete) and UHPFRC (Ultra-High-Performance-Fibre-Reinforced Concrete) in the form of integrated prefabricated façade panels. These products show very high levels of compressive strength together with high traction capacity, long life, low water permeability and high workability.

The Aalborg Research and Quality Centre is continuously working to develop new hydraulic binders capable of meeting emerging challenges. Aalborg ExtremeTM and Aalborg ExcelTM are the first innovative white cement solutions based on FUTURECEMTM sustainable technology.

These innovative solutions allow you to respond to some fundamental needs, including:

  • Low specific weight per square meter
  • More efficient use of interior spaces thanks to reduced thickness
  • Easy installation: finished products do not requiring further finishes
  • Modular elements that can be disassembled and reused.
Louisiana Sports Hall, USA

aalborg extreme

Aalborg ExtremeTM is a premixed high performance, self-compacting concrete for thin concrete products production with high aesthetic, mechanical and durability features. As this pre-packed material contains binders, additives and aggregates only the addition of water is necessary for mixing. This product is obtained by adding a combination of Supplementary Cement Materials (SCM) to AALBORG WHITE®, thus providing the blend of high-performance and significantly reduced CO2 content compared to ordinary Portland cement.

Main applications:

  • High resistance light panels: facades, coverings, structural and ornamental elements
  • Artistic and ornamental elements in cement
  • Urban furniture.
The Qatar National Museum in Doha, Qatar

aalborg excel

Aalborg ExcelTM is a high-performance ready-to-use mortar for sophisticated aesthetics, used for fibreglass concrete or GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete), composed of glass fibres, cement, sand and special resistant alkalis (AR) which provide high resistance and a remarkable eco-compatibility. This product is particularly suitable for complex finishes and is generally wet-cast or sprayed (semi-structural method).

Main applications:

  • Facades, cladding, solar screens, ornamental elements, thanks to high resistance to compression and bending (aesthetic and architectural panels with a maximum diameter <15 mm)
  • Artistic and ornamental elements made of concrete
  • Architectural gardening and urban elements.

aalborg explore

Aalborg ExploreTM is a ready-to-use mortar obtained by combining FUTURECEMTM and AALBORG WHITE® technology with high performance and lower CO2 emissions compared to standard products. This solution has been developed to meet the needs of 3D printing technology. 3D printing of concrete is a set of processes aimed at creating three-dimensional objects created layer by layer. We move from digital design to printing in three dimensions using cement-based mortar as "ink".

Currently, this new technology is not an alternative to the traditional construction process, but there has been growing interest in the use of 3D printing as it allows the customization of solutions, safety in the manufacturing phases and reduces waste. To date, there are still constraints for its use related to several factors: its standardization, large-scale production, high initial investments and its inefficiency of use on construction sites.


FUTURECEMTM is a proprietary technology of the Cementir Group, patented worldwide. The unique recipe and production process allows significant reductions in the clinker content of cement, with consequent CO2 reduction. Research and development over the last ten years have shown that FUTURECEMTM cement can be used to produce concrete with excellent strength and durability and has been tested on an industrial scale for the construction of two road and rail bridges within the "Green Transformation of Cement and Concrete Production” project, in collaboration between Aalborg Portland and Unicon, research institutions concrete producers and third party professionals.

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