FUTURECEM® – Low carbon cement technology

FUTURECEM® road bridge
What is FUTURECEM<sup>®</sup> ?

FUTURECEM® Technology:

  • is the result of Cementir Group’s extensive applied research which covers the whole production process, from raw materials assessment to manufacturing and cement application. FUTURECEM® is a proprietary technology patented in US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, India, China and Australia;
  • it relies on the synergy between calcined clay and limestone filler which allows over than 40% clinker replacement in cement, depending on clay type, but keeping the same performance of a pure Portland cement;
  • it is a proven innovation, which is being used for building two bridges in Denmark (project “Green Concrete II”).
Why is FUTURECEM<sup>®</sup> more sustainable than ordinary cement?

FUTURECEM® is more sustainable because it:


  • determines approx. 30% CO2 emission reduction in the manufacturing phase;
  • enables production of durable concrete with reduced clinker content by exploiting synergies of two largely available materials;
  • is fully acknowledged as a solution for clinker ratio reduction in the roadmap for “Low Carbon transition in the cement industry” by the International Energy Agency – 2018 and as “low clinker cements” in the “Cementing the European Green Deal”-2020, making Cementir Group the frontrunner.;
  • is also recognized into EN 197-5 European standard for II/C-M cements (See page n°4 of the attached document) 
Last update: 21/04/2023 | 11:51