Unicon AS is the main concrete producer in Norway. Unicon has a very extensive plant network, most of which are located in densely populated areas near Oslo, Trondheim, Ålesund and Bergen. It operates a terminal in Drammen, near Oslo as well. The activity is organized in three regions, with a total of 9 districts, in addition to a mobile department. Unicon is in fact the main operator of mobile plants in Norway. These structures offer extreme flexibility as they adapt to any project, whether it be industrial plants, bridges, roads or other large projects.

Unicon is particularly attentive to customer needs as the delivery of concrete at the right time and with the right quality is essential for any construction project, especially in cold climates such as Nordic ones. For this reason, the entire organization has the objective of offering the highest service standards, thanks to advanced IT skills and systems, which make the company unique in Norway competitive landscape.

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Main projects

Precast concrete / Glass fibre reinforced concrete
Lund Hagem
Deichman Main Library
Norway | Oslo
Cast in-situ concrete
Underwater restaurant
Norway | Lindesnes
Precast concrete
Glass fibre reinforced concrete (GRC)
C.F. Møller Architects
New extension to Haraldplass Hospital
Norway | Bergen
Opera House
Norway | Oslo



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1081 Oslo Postal address:
P.O. Box 553 Sentrum
0105 Oslo


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