We are dynamic, open to multiculturalism and we consider diversity and inclusion as precious values. We promote a "One Group" culture and our motto is "Concretely Dynamic"

We are proud of our white cement global leadership and in general of our ability to achieve important business results with a responsible and sustainable approach. We are ambassadors of a business culture based on a set of principles and values which inspires our work and drives us to achieve our corporate goals.

Organizational culture

Our organizational culture is based on five Group Values that inspire all our actions:

  • Dynamism
  • Quality
  • Value of People
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Sustainability

They will be translated into a competency model - our Group Leadership Model - which consists of 10 competencies described through three-four behavioral indicators by professional category. The goals we achieve are as important as our behaviors that are inspired by our Code of Ethics and Group Values.


People are at the origin of our success, the first stakeholders whom we turn our attention and our commitment to. We want to guarantee a safe and stimulating work environment in terms of professional and personal enrichment. We apply these intentions in three main areas:

  • Health & Safety
  • Remuneration policies
  • Professional growth
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