We invest in the development of innovative products and solutions able to set us apart substantially. Our R&D and Quality experts, in collaboration with prestigious international universities, are exploring opportunities in cutting-edge technologies, such as 3D printing, magnetic concrete and fibreglass reinforced concrete.

Continuous process and product innovation are at the heart of our differentiation strategy. Our goal is to develop high added value solutions in close collaboration with customers, consultants and partners.

Innovation is in our DNA. Since the beginning, we have been producing special cement. Then we have established ourselves as world leaders in segments such as white cement and high value-added products. We consider research and development a strategic and essential tool to improve both product quality and sustainability.

For us, innovation means continuously broadening our horizon by listening to the market and our customers’ needs. This approach leads us to develop new products and solutions capable of improving existing performance and promoting a circular economy.

Research and Development Center in Aalborg, Denmark
Aalborg Research and Development Centre

The heart of the Group's research and development is the Aalborg Research Quality and Technical Centre (RQT), where researchers, technicians and experts in product life cycle analysis join forces with main European universities and consultants outside to analyze and develop new materials.

RQT activity is inspired by our customers and is aimed at addressing today's challenges: increasing energy efficiency, reducing construction costs and times, reducing environmental impact and meeting higher aesthetic, health, comfort and well-being standards.

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