We offer a wide range of innovative and quality solutions. We work side by side with our customers, putting our skills at their service. We invest in the development of products to improve environmental sustainability.

Listening to and satisfying the needs of our customers is an integral part of our mission. Our business is constantly evolving: we offer a wide range of products from grey and white cement, to concrete, to aggregates, to cement products. We offer high added value solutions providing tailor-made services to our customers such as: project assistance and after-sales services, technical support, trading. We are at the forefront of product innovation. We are the world leader in white cement, offering an essential contribution to the innovation and development of this product in its multiple applications.

RØrdal plant in Aalborg, Denmark
A global leader operating locally

We take advantage of our global experience to meet current and future needs of local markets. We are a "Concretely Dynamic" group.

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Innovation for customers

Our research teams constantly work alongside customers and partners to develop new solutions through advanced production processes and innovative services. Our RQT (Research Quality & Technical Centre) develops the most suitable solutions to meet today’s main challenges: increase energy efficiency, reduce construction costs, improve environmental impact and meet high standards of aesthetics, health, comfort and well-being.

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We have always adopted an integrated business model, through partnerships with other industrial players, public administrations, academic institutions, fully respecting the communities in which we operate.
We believe in the circular economy and invest in the development of sustainable building materials with low environmental impact.
We use raw materials and alternative fuels from waste, urban and industrial by-products, integrating cement production with waste management and recycling.

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