We are committed to reusing the heat developed in the cement production process instead of dispersing it into the environment and emitting tons of CO2 into the atmosphere: for this reason in the Danish city of Aalborg, our production plant recovers thermal energy to provide district heating to around 30,000 housing. In 2022, Aalborg Portland delivered approximately 1.3 million GJ of energy to the municipality of Aalborg.

We are planning to use cold water from the quarry to provide a cooling system inside the new city hospital as an efficient energy alternative to conventional electrical systems, but we want to go further: we are working to extend its use for cooling large environments .
We are also designing 8MW wind farms to cover over 80% of the plant's electricity needs through renewable sources.

We build and develop synergy and cooperation with the territories in which we are present, such as in the city of Aalborg: its cement plant is equipped with a system for recovering heat from combustion gases, so as to save around 150,000 tons of CO2 and reuse energy in the district heating of the Danish city. The calculation is based on the amount of CO2 that is not emitted from the local coal-fired power station because the total needs are partially covered by the heat coming from the Aalborg plant.

Aalborg plant

Aalborg plant

Last update: 24/04/2023 | 23:07