Job Shadowing, Phase 2 of the Cementorship Program begins

Today the six-week Cementorship Program 2022 Job Shadowing training course begins, Phase 2 of the training and job induction program launched by the Cementir Group dedicated to young talents aiming at a career in an international organisation.

From the 7th of March until the 15th of April the Job Shadowing Phase will offer a month and a half of coached training with the goal of acquiring the following technical skills in specific business areas:

  • Maintenance;
  • Quality;
  • Production;
  • Health & Safety;
  • Sustainability.

These essential issues are of vital interest to the Cementir Group in its focus on innovation and sustainability.  These principles are of great relevance today, especially for the young generation who is ever more committed to safeguarding the environment.

The Cementorship Program Phase 2 is aimed at training young people through their induction into the plants and the presentation of techniques and production activities.

“Learn by field study” is the essence of this phase of the project divided into two distinct consecutive moments: observe and apply. The young engineers will be welcomed at the Aalborg, Gaurain and Izmir plants to gain an understanding of all the processing phases, from the planning to its implementation.  This is a strategic step in the ample training and induction project provided by the Cementorship Program.