Cementir shapes the leaders of the future

Cementir Holding is launching an ambitious professional training and induction project dedicated to young, talented graduates in engineering or related scientific disciplines: the CE-MENTorship Program. A selected, international talent pool, interested in working in an international organisation, travel and interact with other cultures, will be able to participate in the 12-month training course.

Visits to the plants in Belgium, Denmark and Turkey, direct contact with the people, the technologies and cultures that animate Cementir’s experience worldwide will increase their know-how in the Group’s technical excellence, such as cement processing, RMC (ready-mix-concrete) and its aggregates.

Over a 12 month period the mentoring program will include:

  • a first phase of Corporate Induction, an introduction to the Group’s activities to take place at the Rome headquarters;
  • a second phase of Job Shadowing to learn the technicalities of daily work in local plants;
  • a third phase of International Experience in which our young people will alternate theoretical lessons with field experience in the Aalborg, Gaurain and Izmir plants, with the aim of studying the dynamics of cement production.

With the end of the program a definitive, individual role assignment within the Group is expected.
The aim of the initiative, launching in February 2022, is to encourage the professional growth of the most commendable young people, train them on shared values, develop their technical skills in the best possible way and accelerate their transformation into leaders of the future.