Aalborg White's new global website is live now!

Customers are our lighthouse and innovation is our commitment to them as a constant pursuit. We are dedicated to pursue innovations in products, technologies, services and communications. Leveraging new media and new technologies to realize unique experiences, create high value and allow each user to perceive the unlimited possibilities of Aalborg White®.

A new version of Aalborg White® website is targeted for visitors over the globe. User-friendly design facilitates you to browse and switch pages on the mobile devices. You can switch the website of your country through the navigation bar on the home page. Four featured areas increase the practicality and interactivity of the user experience:

  • Global Projects Search allows you to explore the inspirations by industries and applications,
  • Publications together with all documents prepared for you to easily read and download at any time,
  • E-learning allows you to watch the lectures and learn about our emerging technologies at home,
  • Voice of Customers enables you to fully know about our iconic projects via the most authentic voices.

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