Aalborg Portland Holding celebrates the World Day for Safety and Health at Work

April 28 is a day of celebration and reflection at a global level on safety at work, a pillar of corporate sustainability that places the individual, the worker at the center.

At Aalborg Portland Group, this moment is part of our process of continuous improvement and constant awareness on this issue among all our stakeholders.

Today, all plants and offices around the world have planned specific initiatives that this year are focused on "Risk Assessment" related to work tasks, with particular attention to maintenance operations.

Identifying all hazards and assessing the risks in all work circumstances, whether they are routine or not, complex and / or simultaneous with all potential interferences, is a prerequisite for a safe and healthy workplace.

The Job Safety Analysis represents an effective tool for prevention, where each worker is required to make an effective and tangible contribution. On this issue, Cementir maintains a training and involvement system of workers with the ultimate objective of developing an attitude to safety.

When talking about a robust culture on this matter, we really intend an attitude that must be constantly enhanced, trained and encouraged in order to raise workers’ awareness and skills. For our Group this is an essential objective.