Aalborg Portland expands supply of sustainable heating in Denmark

Aalborg Portland has signed a contract with the local energy supplier, Aalborg Forsyning setting the framework for future cooperation. The agreement means that district heating consumers can now look forward to even more surplus heat in the radiators and less CO2 emissions to the environment.

Surplus heat in the green conversion

Through this long-standing cooperation with Aalborg Forsyning, Aalborg Portland, is able to supply very large quantities of surplus heat, that would otherwise be wasted if it wasn’t redirected into the district heating pipes.

“Sustainability is an integral part of Aalborg Portland's strategy, and it is an added benefit that we can support the green transition in the city of Aalborg. Therefore, it makes great sense for us to continue to supply surplus heat to Aalborg Forsyning's heating customers. We are pleased that, on top of that, the new agreement contributes to meeting the need for heating for a significantly larger share of the consumers. But in fact, the possibilities are even greater, and we are looking forward to exploring this potential together with Aalborg Forsyning,” says Michael Lundgaard Thomsen, Managing Director at Aalborg Portland A/S.

When Aalborg City Council in 2017 adopted the strategy of the green conversion of heat production, Aalborg Forsyning was also tasked with utilizing more surplus heat from Aalborg Municipality: 
"Over the past few years, we have done a great job to also connect small surplus heat suppliers on the district heating network. For example, we have included a number of stores and companies to the list of suppliers, although Aalborg Portland continues to be by far the largest supplier of surplus heat - especially with the new agreement. Basically, we really like the idea of recycling the energy that has already been produced so that the energy does not have to be produced twice, "says Jesper Høstgaard-Jensen, director of Aalborg Forsyning’s energy companies.

Facts about collaboration between Aalborg Portland and Aalborg Forsyning

The agreements have been expanded and extended by 20 years. Since the beginning of the 1990s, Aalborg Portland has contributed with surplus heat to Aalborg Forsyning's district heating production.

  • The annual CO2 savings from the agreements are approx. 150,000 tons, as surplus heat is considered 100% renewable energy.
  • With the supplementary agreements, Aalborg Portland's deliveries will constitute an increased share of Aalborg Forsyning's energy mix, as the share will increase from approx. 20% to approx. 28% of the purchased energy mix.
  • The extra amount of surplus heat corresponds to the consumption of approx. 7,500 households.