Aalborg Portland celebrates its 130ᵗʰ anniversary with a themed day

Aalborg Portland celebrated its 130th anniversary in October. The day was marked by a themed day at the Utzon Center, where, among other things, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, President of the Confederation Per Christensen of 3F, as well as a large number of customers and partners celebrated the only Danish cement production company.

130 years have passed since the Rørdalsvej factory was founded in Aalborg East. The reference number is always the same, while the factory has undergone important changes over the years. A company that has seen the whole turn of two centuries is obviously not evident, and therefore the 130th anniversary was duly marked with a stimulating and welcoming afternoon on October 31 at the Utzon Center on the Aalborg waterfront.

Among other things, the day offered different perspectives on the development of the building, as well as challenges and opportunities in a future where megacities, urbanization, digitization and sustainability were the themes. In addition to the director of Aalborg Portland A/S, Michael Lundgaard Thomsen, the federal president Per Christensen of 3F, the mayor of Aalborg Thomas Kastrup-Larsen, the Chairman of the Utzon Foundation, Christen Winther Obel of the Obelian Family Fund and not most recently Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.

In collaboration with Michael Lundgaard Thomsen, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen took the opportunity to talk about the new climate partnership initiative, which will ensure that by 2030 Denmark will emit 70% less greenhouse gas than in 1990. Michael Lundgaard Thomsen - and therefore Aalborg Portland - was appointed head of the first of several climate partnerships with which the government decided to show a practical path towards the ambitious goal. The day offered interesting presentations for many new customers and partners, in which the teacher, economist and author Kjell A. Nordström and the senior partner of the Bjarke Ingels group, Finn Nørkjær, spoke about the development of the building.